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a new era...

the move...

As the more keen eyed amongst you may have noticed, I recently relocated from the beautiful South West back to My homeland of Yorkshire.

Having weathered the start of the pandemic, and built a stable of wonderful clients, it was hard to say goodbye: but as I'm sure many of us can relate to, family suddenly felt very far away. So, I packed up the van and made the long journey back up North.

the studio...

Being a self employed person, the change has been impactful, but the rolling hills (currently snow capped) and warm nature of the new people I've met have made it all worthwhile.

Having begun a new collaboration with Ebony Kinks I began the new studio refit with a range of bespoke furniture. The custom built cage bench has more than enough room for extended caging sessions, and the butter soft leather bench allows plent of room for play.

Alongside the matching miling bench, the space adds something very different in keeping with My personal preference for a sensual, boutique playspace.

Should you wish to session in a more itense setting, I will be sessioing from Leeds Chambers with opportunities for both play and filming. Please apply via the contact form on the website.

the future....

Over the next few months I will be seeing a reduced amount of clients, and focussing on My online work, if youre not already subscribed to My Admire Me page go check it out! There are many free clips and session insights to give you a taster of My signature style.

I update My Twitter feed daily, and it's the best place to see upcoming tours and opportunities!

I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.

Mia x

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