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After nearly a decade of working as a Professional Dominatrix, I describe My style as classic, cool, sadistic intellectualism. I enjoy maniplating the body and brain of all My willing victims. Once they are in the fold, they never leave: mutual growth is the keynote of My relationship with clients.

With a background in fashion and writing, I like to bring beauty and artistry to My sessions, incluing My studio which is exquisitely decorated and set in the Yorkshire countryside, easily accessible from Leeds City Centre.

Should you like to know more about how i got into this world, this article from 2019 gives a nice insight, with video to boot.

I regulary attend Club Pedestal and Bitches Unleashed, and you can view My pictures in the gallery on their sites!

If you are a media agency or creative who would like to collaborate, please contact Me below.

M x

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